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For Body,Mind & Spirit

 David  & Linda Serlin MNFSH

David & Linda  Serlin are both experienced and qualified Healers (MNFSH) and workshop facilitators.
They have been involved in healing for many years and  offer individual or group healing sessions in Kings langley (Hertfordshire).

 *Individual or Group Sessions
*Simple,safe and effective
*Focused Healing Energy
*Relaxing - Recharging - Rebalancing

For further information or to arrange a session contact
David & Linda on 01923 264550
Or Email


For BodyMind Wellbeing

With David & Linda Serlin MNFSH

David & Linda Serlin are both experienced and qualified Healers and Workshop facilitators.
Linda is a psychologist and intuitive colour therapist whilst David is a qualified teacher of Positive thinking and a certificated personal life coach.
Both David and Linda have studied New Thought and Science Of Mind with some of the finest metaphysical teachers in the USA and believe in applying the principles in a dynamic yet down to earth way

*Individual or group sessions
*Empowered Affirmations & Dynamic Goalsetting
*Understanding the Law Of Attraction
*Clearing the Blocks (What to do when your affirmations/treatments do not (appear) to be working)
*Using the Power Of Positive Thinking

For further information or to book a session please call
David & Linda on 01923 264550
Or email

‘What the mind can conceive and believe - it can achieve’, Napoleon Hill
'Expect the Best - And make it happen', Norman Vincent Peale
'Life is not meant to be a struggle,'Florence Schinn,'It is a game...but you need
to understand the
the Spritual Laws in order to play it successfully.'