Conference 2009 Review

Abundant Living Conference 2009 Review

RM Kings Langley
"Thank you so much for the most amazing weekend.  The 'Living in Abundance' conference surpassed all my expectations.  I met some wonderful people.  All the speakers were excellent and the music was positively divine!  In addition to all that, the food and surroundings were fabulous...  I am looking forward to playing my cds and 'bathing' in all that love!" 


TD Kings Langley
"Thank you for a truly AMAZING weekend.  It was inspiring, loving, joyful, filled with wisdom and connections..."

TH Reading
"Thanks very much for organising this event.  I am going through a lot  of turbulence in my life and this conference is helping me to feel better and hopeful/ optimistic about the future.  Exceptionally good speakers,  I thank you."

SK London
"Inspirational talks and music and... fabulous people."

DC Staffs
"everyone was so friendly; informative and helpful speakers - outstanding musicians... and wonderful health advice from Susan Jones."

SC Canterbury
"A miraculous flow - thanks to you - especially between speakers and musicians."

KB Amersham
"The energy, the music, the speakers - it's been inspirational and energising.  Just to say a big thank you for organising a wonderful conference.  I feel so energised and alive.  I've not felt so good for quite some time.  It's an amazing feeling.  All the speakers were great.  I loved the workshops and met lots of lovely people.  Really it was marvellous.  I enjoyed the Conference in 2007, but following this year's conference I think I now 'get it'.  My next challenge (opportunity!) is to maintain the energised state and spiritual connection and... I really, really want to."

JV Gosport
"Difficult to seprarate any great point.. but I loved the musid and every moment of inspiration."

PB Cambridge
"Astoundingly good!"

JR Somerset
"I enjoyed everything - there was nothing not to like.  It was truly amazing, unforgettable, transformational!  Thank you so much."

AC Belgium
"David and Linda, though you for your love and devotion... I enjoyed the speakers, the musicians, the content of the conference plus  good food and a very good hotel."

LR Somerset
"I enjoyed the music and the inspirational speakers and meeting like minded persons."

KA Norwich
"Lovely people!  The music and everything... I know this was going to be 'special'.  A big thank you."

MS Westgate
"How relaxed everyone was.  It was my first time!  I have been inspired by you all.  I now know my journey is just begining to change my life."

HL Kent
"So well organised - attention to detail - great speakers, beautiful music, the people - the love."


PH Herts
"Positive energy - and contact with wonderful spiritual people."

EB Leicester
"I enjoyed the mixture of head and heart, of words and music.  Meeting people from all over the UK of like minds (and heart) and .. the SPIRIT!  Wow!" 

RE Bournemouth
"Bless you and thank you for the whole experience."

FS London
"I thought the 2007 Conference could not be surpassed.  Well it has!  The huge outpouring of love made me so pleased and lucky to be there and I give thanks to David and Linda for making it possible."

MC Cambridge
"Every day, hour, minute and every second was magical!  Thank you both from the bottom of my heart, which is still full of love, light and gratitude."

LJ Somerset
"Fantastic motivational talks and workshops!  Thank you so much for organising a wonderful, wonderul weekend.  So much love has gone into it - that was truly felt and appreciated!"

NT Leeds
"The talks, the music, the worshops, the people, the energy, the love, the healing, the peace, the joy, the passion."

KW Northampton
"The whole experience, as always, happening at the perfect time.  A great birthday weekend.  Thank you.  Much love and light."

BR Bournemouth
"The music and words really inspire me.  I loved everything, the talks etc and really enjoyed the workshops but would have like to go to them all - shame I had to choose.  Food was excellent too!"

LM Dublin
"Very well presented, wonderful positive energy and the wisdom and knowledge shared by the facilitators and participants alike.  Watching so many lightworkers shining their light in one place - a jouney of fulfilment.  Thank you for a very inspiring conference."

BL Switzerland
"The speakers were all extraordinary as was the music - the movement between the two contributed to amazing energy, and an experience of elevated consciousness.

SG Middlesex
"I was so elevated by the God in me/ God in you exercise.   Also I loved the music - so inspirational!!!"

MH Grimsby
"The atmosphere and the feeling of love and caring.  Listening to super speakers and gaining insight on so many levels" 

NB Derbyshire
"You have done a beautiful thing!  The energy was bigger, brighter, the hearts opened fuller, the smiles were wider and the laughter louder even than last time.  Thank you David and Lindy, thank you God, And so it is."

HD Chingford
"Wonderful, inspired music and talks.  David and Linda have such wonderful heart energy and I am so delighted that the Science of Mind is now embracing the heart energy and inspiration."

JM California
"Beautiful and life transforming, I enjoyed meeting all of you lovely and wonderful souls."

SC Essex
"The energy!  Wonderful stuff!  Keep us in mind for the future events."

NR Southampton
"Words cannot describe how powerful and life changing this was - particularly the heart work of David Leonard, Michael Gott and Karen Drucker.  Superb conference thanks to David and Linda and I am very grateful to you both.

NF St Austell
"I took something from every talk and song/ music that was shared with us.  The people who attended have now become 'my family'.  I was nourished and cleansed from this experience.  Thank you.

BM Kings Langley
"I enjoyed the music, the energy, the workshops, the talks.  David Leonard and Roger Teel were excellent.  I loved it all!"

KM Maidenhead
"The love, the music, the wisdom, the transformation we are going through together.  All the speakers and musicians - Well Done!  We had an amazing weekend and I want to thank you so much for all your effort in arranging such amazing and inspiring speakers and musicians."

IC Gloucester
"The music and songs... meeting so many beautiful people and experiencing support and love from them."

PY Margate
"A gathering with wonderful, uplifting and inspiring people, where I can be myself... and not worry about it.  It is like 'going home'."

LB London
"THANK YOU for an absolutely wonderful weekend.  It was inspring, fun and educational.  The speakers were all so eloquent and enthusiastic and the music was superb.  I think you did an amazing job and I just wanted to thank you for your hard work and efforts in making it such a success."