Conference 2007 Review

New Thought Conferences - to enlighten, uplift and inspire...

‘It is our  vision and passion  to bring  to the UK  the wonderful  teachings and wisdom of New Thought & Science Of Mind (together with some of the most inspiring speakers and presenters).With the incredible success and popularity of 'The Secret' (everyone's talking about it) the time seemed auspicious to delve deeper,to explore and explain the amazing possibilities of the 'Law Of Attraction' and other Universal Spiritual Principles.

To this end we were  inspired to organise the first UK New Thought Conference For Abundant Living  in June 2007, not only as a joyful  coming together and celebration of life, but  as a dynamic vehicle and focal point  for positive change and personal transformation.

Such was the success of the first Conference that a follow up is being planned for 

JUNE 27TH & 28TH 2009  (see Conference 2009 Preview)


The First UK New Thought Conference For Abundant Living.

June 30th & July 1st 2007
was a weekend to remember!The first New Thought Conference in the UK for over ninety years and the first EVER Science Of Mind Conference in England!  

The Venue - the Rudolf Steiner School (Theatre)  Kings Langley, Hertfordshire, England. 

The Conference was the realisation of a longstanding dream and vision for Organisers David & Linda Serlin  and brought together  like minded people from all over Europe - Holland, Belgium, Germany, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Ukraine, Ireland (North and South) and of course England.

Over two hundred and thirty like minds attended- a diverse, colourful and enthusiastic collection of peopl; Life Coaches, NLP trainers, Louise Hay Counsellors, Healers, Homeopaths and  Hypnotherapists, Metaphysicians and Musicians, some ’Angels in disguise’ and many 'enquiring minds' -  hundreds of  friendly folk sharing an inspiring  and enlightening event.

The inspiration and enlightenment were provided by a wonderful team of speakers and  teachers - including..
Dr Mark  Vierra  ( North Hollywood.LA)
Rev Mark Anthony Lord (Chicago),
Dr Kathy Hearn ,(Spiritual Leader UCSL)
Rev Roger Juline,
Rev Diane Harmony,
Rev Corey Van Loon(Holland)
Dr Tom Sannar

Inspirational music was provided by  Jami Lula (USA) Mark Hughes and Kym Chandler (UK).

A Conference theme song (‘Come Together’, written by Linda and David,) was put to beautiful music by Mark Hughes (available now on CD ,see  products) and served as a fitting finale to a magical weekend

          Jami Lula & Kym Chandler

Some Comments  From  Conference 2007 Attendees.

PB Salisbury
‘A total celebration of life, love and spirit.Wonderful to have so many souls on the same wavelength. A real joy!’

KS Herts
‘What a wonderful weekend. I had a great time! It was  so inspiring to meet so many open hearted people in one place. This has to be the beginning of something beautiful.’

KW Bucks
A fabulous weekend.. It was great to hang out with like minded ,positive, kind natured people ..’

HM Kent
‘What a great weekend. I came back so full of love, I  just had to spread it  around..’

PH  Herts
‘I really enjoyed  the Conference and although I came ‘alone’ I did not feel alone at any time and found the talks and workshops stimulating.’

CG London
‘ Just to say a big thank you for such a wonderful, inspiring, amazing, uplifting  weekend. It shall live in my heart for a long time..’

RM Herts
‘Just to say thank you for the wonderful conference weekend you organised so magnificently.
You  did an amazing job and I felt so blessed to be present. Thank you for your generous hearts and spirits..’

CG  Co Durham
'We went to the wonderful two day meeting of minds, music, love boundless joy and energy - I was like a drowning woman who had found a life belt. I listened rapt /with comments going on in my head..’I knew that!! And YES that makes absolute sense.I  had got a copy of the Secret but now had it clarified at the first Abundant Living Conference.'

'WOW.WOW.WOW! I felt me heart bubble,my  mind open up and felt inner joy especially at the last rendition of ‘Come Together’ - ..
 I bet there was a beam  so bright of pure thought energy bursting into the cosmos from all our souls  and minds joined with true connection and glistening gratitude to the wonderful abundant universe.'