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New Thought
is all about looking at life from a different perspective, focusing on ‘what we want’ rather than on ‘what we don’t  want’, understanding that we have the ‘power’ to change our lives  by changing our thinking.

The term is not new (it was coined over a hundred years ago) but has become  topical  recently through the works of great New Thought / Science Of Mind teachers like Louise Hay and Wayne Dyer and through the phenomenally successful book (and dvd)  the Secret.

Fundamentally, New Thought  & Science Of Mind teaches  us  that we are not passive observers ,  mere victims to circumstances that are beyond our control, but that  we are instrumental in cocreating the very essence of our experience.

What we focus on expands.
What we consistently affirm and BELIEVE to be true becomes our experience.

So we might as well focus on what we want - as opposed to what we don’t want.

The more energy ,passion and enthusiasm we give to our goals and affirmations, the more power they have.

The more consistent we are in affirming what we want to achieve or realise in our lives (as long as it is for our good and the highest good) the more likely  it is  to come true.

Your Wish Is My Command’ says the genie of the lamp.

Universal consciousness responds to our thoughts and affirmations without judgment. The Law Of Attraction draws  to us  the people, situations and opportunities that are congruent with our  dominant pattern of thinking and belief.
‘The Universe corresponds to the nature of our song’,says.
Dr Michael Beckwith.
What we believe to be true about ourselves and our lives
and consistently affirm -  becomes our experience.

 In New Thought / Science Of Mind (the wonderful teaching compounded by Ernest Holmes) it is recognised that there is One Power, One Life, One Universal Presence & Intelligence,that  we may   call Spirit, Creative Mind, Infinite Being  or  God…
This Infinite presence is everywhere in all things present.
And we are One with this presence, which flows in through and around us and  in and in, through and around all things.

New Thought / Science Of Mind teaches a wonderful wisdom and philosophy that may be applied to every aspect of  life  ..

The teachings of Science of Mind are simple and yet profound .They may complement any religious beliefs  and  enhance our understanding and connection with the Divine . while giving  us practical tools and techniques to help us successfully play ‘the game of life.

‘The Point Of Power Is Always
 In the Present Moment
‘Louise Hay

‘Life is really very simple - what we give out, we get back’

‘The only thing we are ever dealing with is a thought and a thought  an be changed’